Mercedes Repair in Dripping Springs, TX

Qualified Mercedes Repair Experts

For many, a Mercedes-Benz is the ultimate symbol of luxury, success, performance, and longevity. As good as that may be, as with any vehicle, Mercedes need routine care, and there comes the point that they must be repaired. Whitlock Automotive, located at 3996 East Highway 29 West, appreciates your Mercedes-Benz as much as you do. We are your dealership alternative for keeping your car in good working order. While your new Mercedes-Benz comes with a warranty, your used car or repairs made elsewhere may not. As a NAPA Auto Care Center member, Whitlock Automotive backs their repairs with a 24-month/24,000 mile guarantee. To love both your car and your service, call 512-858-2796 today or use our online scheduling tool to have our ASE certified technicians service your Mercedes-Benz.

Most Common Repairs

Regardless of whether you own an older Mercedes-Benz or the latest model, following a regular maintenance schedule can help you prevent more costly problems. Whitlock Automotive can assist you with all your planned service needs as well as unexpected repairs when the need arises. Our experts are familiar with the most commonly documented Mercedes-Benz issues. In newer cars — those produced after 1995 — leaks from the electronic transmission are common. Mercedes cars are also prone to cracking of the insulation around the wires of the wiring harness if the vehicle is kept primarily in hot climates. A number of owners also report the C and ML Class automobiles having window regulator problems more often than expected. Other common Mercedes repairs include replacing the mass airflow sensor and aging spark plugs, issues that are typical for most vehicles after a number of miles or years on the road. Although your Mercedes was designed with style and luxury, that doesn’t mean it’s impervious to wear and tear. Our team can prevent problems that diminish your car’s performance and value.

Excellent Customer Service

The staff at Whitlock Automotive takes pride in our quality, courteous service. As a family-owned business that participates in community activities, we offer options to make your Mercedes-Benz repair experience as easy as possible. That starts with easy scheduling — call 512-858-2796 or use our online scheduling system to make your appointment. Drivers can also stop by our shop in Dripping Springs, Texas, for prompt service — no appointment necessary! While you’re here, feel free to relax in our comfortable waiting area. If you have places to be, our shuttle service can help you get there until your vehicle is ready once again. Once your service is complete, we don’t like to say goodbye forever! Your vehicle will still need professional support throughout its life. That’s why our Mercedes experts keep in touch with service reminders. You’ll never have to worry about your vehicle’s health or capability.