In The Community

Faithful Service to Dripping Springs!

We are Dripping Springs! Whitlock Automotive is proud to serve and represent this community with next level auto service and customer service. We’re not just servicing vehicles, but we’re serving our friends and family. That’s what we call every one of our customers, our friends and family. We see many of you outside of the shop as we stay connected with you through a variety of outreaches, sponsorships, and charities. We are proud to be part of this amazing city, with all of you, and are honored to be able to give back and impact those who have impacted us.

I have lived in Dripping Springs for more than 14 years. My family has been in Dripping Springs for 4 generations, starting with my Great Grandfather, who was a Rock Mason and built many houses and barns in the area. Dripping Springs is a community built around the Exemplary School System. When you have a school system that does well, people will want their families there. And that is what brought us back to Dripping Springs, the schools. With that being said, we make sure and push our money back to the schools in many ways. Athletics is big one. Being a Division 1 athlete, I know the importance of life lessons from athletics. Booster clubs for the athletic department at the school are essential to making sure the teams have everything they need to get these student-athletes what they need to succeed.

    We sponsor: football, softball, lacrosse, soccer and baseball Programs. We also make donations to school projects like new playgrounds, music programs and Teacher appreciation.

Oustide of the local schools, we have a commitment to a few other local organizations. Hill Country Rally for Kids is foundation started by a great friend and patron, Cody Reeves. This foundation raises a lot of money for numerous organizations that are all based around children in need. HCRFK makes numerous donations to these organizations every year through fundraising events like golf tournaments, car shows, galas and the biggest is something we proudly invest our efforts into, Jeep Raffle. We, along with others in the area, help to resurrect a Jeep and then raffle tickets are sold for a drawing to win it. We have always committed to helping make this Jeep something special to maximize the ticket sales and raise enough money to make significant donations to Hill Country Rally for Kids.

The other organization that we have been drawn to is the Beyond Batten Disease Foundation. We have had fundraisers over the past 7 years to make a donation to this amazing foundation to help fund research, treatments and cure for Juvenile Batten Disease.

Finally, I am also the former Head Coach for the Dripping Springs Shooting Team. This is a Volunteer position and I have been coaching the team for two years. I always knew I would coach kids at some point in my life. Being a competitive shooter for the past 6 years, I found a place where I can coach fundamental shooting pistols and shotguns, but more importantly have a great impact on character building, overcoming adversity, commitment and dedication all sports require.


Giving back to the community is always about how much money you give, sometimes the most valuable thing you can give is your time.