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When you drive a legendary vehicle like a Chrysler or Dodge, you only want the best mechanics in the automotive industry working on it. Whitlock Automotive in Dripping Springs, Texas, has the knowledge and skill to handle all your needs. When it comes to Chrysler and Dodge, we get it. We understand the distinct characteristics of all models and appreciate how they stand out in a crowd. Our ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified technicians stand out too! Through rigorous training, they stay current on the latest trends and technology. All members of our team dedicate time to continuous learning so we can answer all your Chrysler and Dodge questions and solve all of your automotive problems. Call us at 512-858-2796 or fill out our online form, and one of our friendly shop staff members will reach out to you as soon as possible!

Classy and Distinctive Car Brands


Chrysler, known for their minivans and sedans like the Pacifica, Voyager, and the sleek and sassy Chrysler 300, invests their time and energy into practicality and comfort. It stands to reason that these high-class automobiles are therefore worthy of high-quality maintenance and repairs. No vehicle is flawless, though — not even a Chrysler. Issues with the transmission, specifically shifting problems, are more common than you may like to think. Power window failure, unnecessary oil consumption, and failing brake shields are a few more glitches that typically affect Chrysler models. Older models such as the Sebring and PT Cruiser are not considered safe from these woes either, but having Whitlock Automotive as your trusted repair shop makes you pretty lucky. Our reliable mechanics are experienced professionals who can address all your Chrysler maintenance and repair needs.


From the more stylish Chrysler to the sporty Dodge, we’ve got you covered. Heavy-duty, tough, and horsepower are common terms and descriptors people use when referring to Dodge vehicles. With Dodge always looking to one-up other brands in horsepower, it’s no wonder people associate them with such strength and vitality. Having that in mind, isn’t it interesting that the fifth-generation Grand Caravan is the bestselling Dodge on the market? This just goes to show the versatility of the brand. With so many unique features ranging from the Challenger’s Shaker Hood to the original SRT (Street and Racing Technology) to Dodge’s vibrant high-impact colors, you’ll want a repair shop that is well-versed in Dodge maintenance and repairs. At Whitlock Automotive, we know our way around a Dodge, no matter which year or model, top to bottom, and inside and out. Bring your Charger, Durango, Journey, or that forever loved Grand Caravan in for service, and we’ll treat it as our own.

Why Choose Whitlock Automotive?

Here at Whitlock’s state-of-the-art facility in Dripping Springs, Texas, we strive for nothing less than superior service, and we make that happen every day with certified technicians and advanced technology and tools. Our community is like family to us, and family comes first. When thinking about what your car, truck, or van needs, consider bringing it to the Chrysler & Dodge experts at 3996 East Highway 29 West. After receiving superior service and support, we’ll send you on your way with a NAPA Autocare Peace of Mind Nationwide Warranty. This 24-month/24,000-mile contract will have you feeling safe and confident. Should a need arise, 17,000 locations nationwide honor the NAPA Warranty, so you’ll be in luck wherever you go. Give our trusted team a call today at 512-858-2796 to schedule your Chrysler or Dodge maintenance and repairs. You won’t regret your decision!