All About Thrust Angles and Wheel Alignments

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All About Thrust Angles and Wheel Alignments

Does Your Car Need a Wheel Alignment?

Many things can affect your car’s wheel alignment, including wheel chambers, toe and casters, and even thrust angles. But what exactly is a thrust angle and what does it have to do with wheel alignments? The experts at Whitlock Automotive in Dripping Springs, Texas will give you the scoop.

What is Thrust Angle?

A thrust angle measures your car’s front and rear axles, as well as the wheelbase (your four tires and wheels). In most cars, the front and rear axles are parallel. If you draw a perpendicular line from the center of the rear axle, it should intersect in the same center spot between the front axles. This arrangement allows your car to straightly drive forward when “thrust” is applied to the accelerator when the front wheels are pointed straight.

The thrust angle is a measurement of this invisible line between the front and rear axles of your vehicle.

Symptoms of a Bad Thrust Angle

If your car is suffering from thrust angle problems, you may experience the following handling abnormalities:

  • The car pulls in one direction
  • The vehicle has a crooked steering wheel

If you notice any of these issues, make a wheel alignment service appointment at Whitlock Automotive in Dripping Springs, Texas right away.

What Causes a Thrust Angle Problem?

The most common culprit behind thrust angle changes is an impact or a collision that jarred the rear axle and its associated parts. An incorrect toe setting, which is when the front wheels tilt forward or when the rear wheels tilt outward, can affect the thrust angle in newer vehicles.

How to Fix a Bad Thrust Angle

In order to correct changes in your car’s thrust angle, it needs to undergo wheel alignment services. The auto technicians at Whitlock Automotive in Dripping Springs, Texas can diagnose and fix a bad thrust angle to keep your car running at its best.

 If you need wheel alignment services in Dripping Springs, Texas, call the team at Whitlock Automotive today at 512-858-2796. You are also welcome to stop by our shop. We’ll get your car running like new again.

Written by Whitlock Automotive