3 Causes of Spongy Brakes

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3 Causes of Spongy Brakes

And When to Get Brake Repair

Brakes are among the most important automotive safety systems. Any problems could make it difficult to stop your vehicle safely. So how do you know what’s a problem that’s worth bringing to a professional? Here are three issues that require brake repair and affect the feel of the brake pedal. If you need further clarification, don’t hesitate to reach out to the pros at Whitlock Automotive in Dripping Springs, Texas!

  1. Brake Line Problems

  2. Hydraulic fluid in the brake lines maintains pressure and helps to provide the feeling of a firm brake pedal. If air gets into these lines, the fluid may not be able to flow properly or provide the pressure needed to slow and stop the wheels. A brake repair service can bleed the brakes to eliminate air from brake lines and restore a firm feel to the pedal. This will ensure you can stop your car as quickly as possible.

  3. Corroded Calipers

  4. The calipers in a disc brake system work by pressing the brake pads onto rotors as the brake pedal is depressed. A combination of salt and water found on roads may cause calipers to corrode and eventually leak fluid. This can make a brake pedal feel softer or even cause the calipers to seize and stop brakes from functioning. Ask a professional to inspect the calipers on each wheel if you think your car isn’t stopping as quickly as it should.

  5. Master Cylinder Wear

  6. Master brake cylinders deliver brake fluid to front and rear brakes. This cylinder may start to leak fluid as it wears down, reducing hydraulic pressure and leading to a soft brake pedal. Drum brakes can also start to feel spongy as corrosion develops within wheel cylinders or corroded cylinders start to leak.

These problems could be present if the brake pedal in your car or truck feels spongy or the brakes do not respond when you press the pedal. You may be able to avoid brake failure by having the brakes on your vehicle serviced at Whitlock Automotive in Dripping Springs, Texas. Our brake repair experts can diagnose the cause of a spongy brake pedal, fix the problem and restore a firm feel to the pedal.

Written by Whitlock Automotive