Black and Gritty Oil

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Black and Gritty Oil

What Does It Mean?

Black and gritty oil in your car doesn’t always indicate that there is a problem with the engine. Brand new oil is usually smooth and a clear amber tone, but as it makes its way through your car’s engine and does its job, it will slowly begin to turn black and gritty. Over time, the oil may begin to get more solid chunks in it, which could present a problem.

To prevent this, it’s vital to get on a regular oil change schedule. Changing your oil on a routine basis can help your engine be more efficient and keep it running smoothly. If you need help with oil changes, contact Whitlock Automotive in Dripping Springs, Texas.

Oil Turns a Different Color As It Does Its Job

Oil’s color changes as it does its job keeping your engine lubricated. It’s normal for oil to appear black in color and a little gritty in texture. The grit in the oil is the buildup of engine sludge. These particles are supposed to build up in the oil instead of getting stuck in your engine.

It’s Time To Change the Oil

At some point, it is recommended to change your oil. If you wait too long, the black and gritty oil will turn even darker and start to leave globs of grit on the dipstick. If you see this change in the consistency of your oil, you may be overdue for an oil change.

You Need a New Oil Filter

Another potential problem to look out for is a dirty oil filter. It’s vital to routinely change your oil filter so most of the buildup from the engine gets caught in the filter. Driving with an extremely dirty oil filter could lead to some of that build up getting stuck in the oil or in your engine.

Get Your Oil Changed Quickly

Routinely getting your oil changed helps your car’s engine maintain its peak performance. Fresh oil keeps your engine lubricated and the parts around it working the way they should. Call today to get a quick oil change and more at Whitlock Automotive in Dripping Springs, Texas.

Written by Whitlock Automotive